CCSI Women works to promote human welfare and gender equality by advancing conflict resolution tools such as fair and effective international sanctions, strategic trade controls, financial integrity and digital transformation, as well as counter-proliferation and counter- terrorism measures.
Our CCSI network of experts have provided training and developed best practices guides for the implementation of conflict resolution tools for national governments, corporate risk managers, international organizations and officials in more than 50 countries world-wide.
We aim to ensure that the application of international peace-promotion tools includes a gender perspective, and is fully compliant with human rights and international humanitarian law. We are dedicated to supporting women’s participation in decision-making structures – not only as change-takers (targets or victims) of decisions made elsewhere, but also as change-shapers (active contributors) in such decisions.
We are dedicated to mentoring and training young and mid-career women security professionals in overcoming barriers and obstacles to access to the traditionally male-dominated fields of international security. We convene roundtables and workshops and provide a platform for articles and publications that raise awareness, share ideas, and highlight innovation.
Read more about CCSI’s network of experts, including in CCSI Africa, CCSI Asia and Pacific, CCSI Canada and CCSI UK here: CCSI Family

The CCSI Women logo and website are designed by a team of young Afghan women designers trained by Code to Inspire.